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Yacht Organiser

Yacht Organiser is a simple, fast and effective solution to organising your wash down lockers and cleaning stations around your vessel. YO is tailored specifically for the super yachting industry. Offering a simple off the shelf solution to the problem of storing cleaning equipment onboard super yachts.
The YO product range is designed to arrange the deck cleaning equipment used on a daily basis in a manner which frees up floor space in lockers, while providing a tidy and secure home for the equipment. This also allows the equipment to air dry therefore preventing the buildup of mildew, ultimately extending their shelf life.
There is a good product review in The Crew Report here: http://www.thecrewreport.com/products/20416/yacht-organiser
If you'd like to order your own Yacht Organiser set, please give one of the Sales Team a call on 01392 354 300 or email sales@globalservicesltd.co.uk

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