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Rickter Jet Ski

Rickter is the ultimate jet ski. Designed & built by Champions.  

This jet ski is ready to take your riding to the next level.

Every component of the Rickter has been specifically designed to take your riding to the next level. From the hugely powerful and reliable two-stroke engines, to the beautiful, sleek design on the hull.

Cruise around the bay on a Rickter, enjoy the waves, and when the mood strikes, launch huge backflips and spins to dazzle and amaze.

•    High horsepower, 2 cylinder, 2 – stroke engine
•    Champion developed hull design for ease of aerial tricks
•    Custom jet pump delivers the engines’ huge power
•    Yamaha based components
•    ‘Trim system’ for effortless backflips
•    Highly efficient bilge system
•    Adjustable and secure foot binding system to fit all riders and styles
•    Adjustable handlepole to fine tune riding style

The DASA powerplants offer huge horsepower whilst maintaining reliability. Based on the hugely popular Yamaha Superjet engine, the two stroke engines are built with custom, hand finished billet cylinder blocks and power valves, fuelled by dual 48mm mikuni carburettors and finished off with a stunning carbon exhaust system. Ignition is provided by a sealed unit which chargers the crafts battery as you ride.

A wide tray area gives a smooth stable ride, whilst the shorter hull and rocker design allows the nose of the ski to lift when launching out of the water.

Each riders style is slightly different. The steering is fully adjustable, allowing maximum steering for fast spins, or a more relaxed setup for easy riding.

The binding system keeps you attached to the ski when performing manoeuvres. Before riding time is spent setting up the bindings to perfectly match your feet and riding style. This gives you the confidence to push your riding, knowing you are locked in.


For more information on Rickter Jet Skis please contact the Sales Team: +44 (0) 1392 354300 or email sales@globalservicesltd.co.uk


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