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Meat for Discerning Chefs

In terms of flavour, texture and consistency, Pipers Farm meat is quite simply the best quality that chefs can source.  

Animals are reared using traditional ‘slow grow’ principles allowing them to mature naturally giving the meat characteristic evenness and depth of flavour. Pipers Farm promotes the very best quality of life for their farm animals, free from antibiotics, chemicals and pesticides associated with more commercial farming techniques. Happy, stress-free animals produce a far superior quality of meat, which chefs will enjoy preparing and guests relish eating.

“After sampling I was blown away with the fantastic quality of meat and poultry! First and foremost the quality is outstanding and the packaging is absolutely spot on. I shall spread the word to other chefs!"
Simon, Chef, Mayan Queen 

All Pipers Farm meat is hung for a minimum of 3 weeks for a richer more complex flavour. Their artisan butchery techniques mean that each cut is consistent in both grain and texture ensuring meat cooks evenly every time. Specialty packing makes certain that meat arrives in you galley in optimum condition.

"I have to say that, even with high hopes, I was really, really impressed with them. The quality of the meat shines through and I'd say they were better-than-homemade, with homemade meaning generous, hospitable and made-with-loving-attention! For me, they are a benchmark for what that kind of food can achieve". Hattie Ellis food writer - The Times

Global Services’ head office is based in Devon UK, a county renowned for its high quality produce. We want to share with superyacht chefs the very best that our region has to offer. For more details on Pipers Farm meat or our range of regional artisan products, please contact Corinne: crichards@globalservicesltd.co.uk

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