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Viking Recruitment

Viking offer a dedicated and personal service to the superyacht industry giving owners, Managers and Captains the confidence and peace of mind that the crew management of their yacht is hassle free and professionally operated. With their professional and knowledgeable team, Viking bring expertise to the recruitment, training, travel and support of any crew related matter.

If you are seeking a career with some of the most prestigious superyachts in the business, Viking have an extensive portfolio of clients which can make your aspirations come true. They have been providing support to the Maritime community since 1988 to some of the most prestigious Operators in the world. They’re knowledge and experience has enabled them to extend their support to the needs of clients as well as the wider Marine Industry, creating a full Crew Management facility.

If you would like to recieve more information on what Viking Recruitment offer, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of the team or visit their website here.


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