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SOLAS Regulation

The Maritime Safety Committee has amended the SOLAS Regulation 11-2/10 requiring ships to carry a minimum of two ATEX hand portable radios for each fire party of firefighters for two way communication by the 1st July 2018. 

The regulation 11-2/10 is applicable to all new SOLAS ships constructed on or after 1st July 2014.  Existing ships should comply with this requirement no later than the first survey after July 1st 2018.  The regulation does not specify a type of vessel. All ships with firefighting teams on board need to comply. 

The exact amendment reads:

For ships constructed on or after 1 July 2014, a minimum of two two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus for each fire party for fire-fighter´s communication shall be carried on board. Those two two-way radiotelephone apparatus shall be of an explosion-proof type or intrinsically safe. Ships constructed before 1 July 2014 shall comply with the requirements of this paragraph not later than the first survey after 1 July 2018. 

We are more than happy to assist with your transition to becoming SOLAS compliant by sourcing and supplying the correct radio items you need on-board. Get in touch with a member of the sales team today to request the items you need to become complaint.


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