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Planned Maintenance System

There are many ways in which Global help to make your life simple, and one that we are very proud of is how we can integrate with your planned maintenance system on-board.

We developed our bespoke software to work directly with Idea, and can provide an easy to use export detailing information on any item ordered.

With just a few clicks you can have a pre populated list set to go straight into idea, saving you time and hassle.

A few benefits from the Idea system are;

Inventory cost reduction – save money by preventing operational breakdowns.

A properly implemented inventory database system allows maritime assets to perform at optimal levels, providing maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

IDEA.NET’s inventory tools help to streamline logistic processes, control stock levels and optimize the purchase of spare parts and inventory to achieve reasonable cost savings.

The barcode inventory management module simplifies the process of signing inventory in and out, and helps saving time by identifying Items or compiling an annual inventory.

You can even use Idea to help order items from us, making an already smooth process even easier.


If you are using a planned maintenance system other than idea, then there it is still very possible we would be able to work with it, so let us know and we’ll do the rest.


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