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The Maldives Manoeuvre

Monday Mornings are always busy but this was exceptional. A superyacht, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, was in desperate need of some replacement parts. Within an hour Global Services had sourced the items and flights had been booked. Sixty minutes later, armed with a hastily packed toothbrush Global Services' Terry Wallace was on his way to the Maldives to solve the problem.

Terry explains: "Quite suddenly, we were required to deliver some spares to the Maldives, which we'd located in Southampton. They were collected, packaged and then transported, along with my good self, to Heathrow Airport. From there, it was a long flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka, before transferring to the Maldives themselves and a final seaplane hopper flight down to Rangani Island.

"There," he adds, "we were picked up by the yacht's tender for the final leg of the journey to the yacht itself, out in the bay, and delivered the parts. Needless to say, I received a very warm reception, some much appreciated non-airline food and a chance to exhale. Soon after, I was taken back to Rangani Island for a seaplane transfer back to Malé, where I was able to put my feet up for the day - armed with a cocktail by the pool - awaiting my return flight to the UK."

Despite sounding very glamorous and James Bond-esque, James Beddall, Sales Manager for Global Services is keen to point out that an excursion like this is very much business as usual for Global Services. "It's what we do," he said, adding: "We supply everyone in the superyacht industry with anything and everything they need. In this instance, it happened to be emergency items that were required and there was no other way of getting the parts delivered in the time allowed. If they had gone by standard courier, for instance, they'd probably still be waiting for them. The only way to reach the customer in time was to physically carry the parts to the yacht and personally hand them over to the engineer. As a result, the parts were delivered safely, on time and the yacht is now under way."

"You can imagine, if you're in the middle of the Indian Ocean, as this customer was, and you need a crucial part or an emergency supply, you can't pop out to the corner shop or order it online! Global Services has 20 year's experience of sourcing and delivering anything our customers require, no matter how big or small and no matter where in the world they are," he continued.

Terry explained that Global Services' reputation as a single-source supplier is "based on the exceptional service we offer." A captain or engineer can call us and say: I'm stuck, what can you do? "We will locate, source, collect and deliver, putting someone on a plane if necessary, getting them to wherever the client is."

It's very much a team effort, notes Terry; everyone who works for Global Services is very conscientious, dedicated and understands the importance of the people they are helping.



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