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Hot Water System

Cathelco HEM have developed a new domestic hot water system for luxury yachts which is space saving whilst having the ability to produce hot water at a much faster rate than conventional systems. The system is available as a flexible package which can be installed on luxury yachts according to their specific requirements.

A key factor in the design was producing a system which would ‘regenerate’ hot water very quickly – an essential feature when it has to serve multiple showers, together with galley, laundry and other on-board domestic requirements.

One of the problems with conventional ‘direct’ heating systems is the amount of scale that is produced in the cylinder, mainly on the heating elements themselves. This reduces the efficiency of the system, increasing maintenance time as well as causing annoyances such as blocked shower heads and taps.

These problems are eliminated in the Cathelco HEM system because the elements heat up the primary circuit which contains non-corrosive and non-scaling water. As the water never comes into contact with the secondary water, there is no build-up of scale and the need for maintenance is significantly reduced.

For more information on the system, email us here and we can provide you with a HEM specialist.


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