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Go Mobile with FUELSTAT®

FUELSTAT® Result, the mobile application that when used in conjunction with the FUELSTAT® test kit range for the detection of Microbial contamination in fuel, will provide an interpretation of the result on the handheld device which can be shared via SMS or Email.  Not only will FUELSTAT® result allow the sharing of the result to relevant parties but it will automatically generate a report which will be sent automatically via data or WiFi connection to a bank level secure portal for other certain, registered users in your organisation to view from anywhere in the world to create a rapid, front to back, transparent audit trail for the testing of Microbial contamination in both aviation and diesel fuels all inside the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

To find out more about our clever app that has brought clever science and technology together to produce one simple and easy to use process for testing your assets from Microbial contamination, please contact our Sales Engineer, Mathew Lardner mlardner@globalservicesltd.co.uk, or to read more on FUELSTAT® click here.


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