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Do you find it challenging sourcing a wash down platform when you need one?

Nautibuoy Marine have designed a new product which the Global Services team feel will be extremely helpful for deck crew this summer. The creators (ex- yachties) noticed crew found it very difficult hunting down a quality wash down platform in marinas and if they do, it’s normally in bad condition risking damage to the boat.

After 4 years of research, prototyping, refining, compliance and wavepool testing, NautiBuoy Marine proudly present their elite range of multi-functional platforms and accessories.
Available in four different sizes, the NautiBuoy Marine Platform is stable, simple to manoeuvre and easy to lift from the water. These are the essential features but they don’t stop there. From stainless steel D-rings to soft handles that don’t scratch the boat or mark the deck, they’ve thought it all through.

The best feature of the Nautibuoy Marine Platform range is that they are multi-functional; the platforms can be used not only for cleaning/maintenance but also (with the right accessory) can be converted into a guest ready swim platform. When space is limited in a full tender garage, this adaptability could be extremely beneficial.


If you’d like to discuss the Nautibuoy Marine range further or would like a quote, please contact:-

Oli Tuckett
Tel: 0044 (0) 1392 354 300



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