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Coppercoat-Superyacht provides an approved, award-winning and environmentally responsible solution to the problem of marine fouling.

Coppercoat-Superyacht is the most durable and long lasting antifoul coating available in the luxury boat sector. A single treatment of this water-based and VOC-free resin commonly provides a high level of fouling protection for a decade or more. By using Coppercoat-Superyacht, owners and operators repeatedly save the time and expense of the dry-docking and repainting work associated with the use of more conventional antifoul paints.

Coppercoat-Superyacht uniquely provides lasting protection against fouling whilst secreting very low levels of natural copper biocides. With a leach rate of less than 50micrograms/cu/cm2 after 30 days, Coppercoat-Superyacht complies with the requirements of even the most tightly controlled states.

A key advantage of Coppercoat-Superyacht antifoul is that it remains effective for many years, thereby ending the need for annual lifts and repaints. Not only is this more convenient, it also provides sizeable financial savings, and means that the vessel is more readily available (not out of action while being repeatedly re-painted).

Global are very happy to have been appointed as the worldwide distributors for Coppercoat-Superyacht and if you are interested to find out more, get in touch with us here and we can provide more information to you.


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