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Chatham Footwear

Chatham shoes come in a wide variety of nautically and country life inspired styles. From the practical loafers, to the classic deck shoes, to the versatile sailing boot, our deck shoe range offers something for every occasion and for every taste. If you are looking for footwear that combine style and durability and are super comfortable too, look no further than Chatham.

Need a restock on crew footwear? Chatham deck shoes are perfect for ensuring a smart but stylish crew uniform. Chatham offer various style of deck shoe in a range of colours, which can be chosen to suit other parts of uniform.

Some styles of shoe can also be customised, making them completely unique to either a specific crew member, or yacht.

We will happily quote Chatham shoes for you, as well as passing on our discounted rate. Get in touch here for any more information, or any other uniform needs.


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