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Burgess Marine’s diving team travelled out to Palma in early October to carry out a Class Survey on 65m SY Shemara. Elsewhere on the Isle of Wight, the team are also carrying out water sample works. Refit works on Brittany Ferries vessel Normandie Express continue in Cherbourg, France. Jobs including water jet maintenance and many other mechanical work is being carried out. The defence team based in Devonport, Plymouth, are working on both HMS Richmond and HMS Lancaster. Works include installing a Sea Ceptor Missile System on board and part removals on HVAC system. The team continue to support the Royal Marine’s with their assault vessels at the Devonport base on behalf of BAE maintenance group.

The last week of September saw praise for Burgess Marine as their work was portrayed as ‘simply outstanding’. MY Lady A undertook a 10 month refit last year at Burgess Marine’s ship lift in Portchester, UK. The vessel had modifications to the exterior and interior, the most noticeable change being the light grey hull. As Lady A geared up to exhibit at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, the owner of the vessel, Lord Sugar, gave his reflection on the refit project:

“Refitting Lady A at home in the UK was a real, genuine, pleasure. The team at Burgess Marine know their stuff and the quality of the end product is simply outstanding. Owners that have made their money in the UK should definitely consider spending it in the UK with the likes of Burgess Marine; British engineering and workmanship is something to be really very proud of - on the South Coast there’s the ‘know how’ and passion to make the most challenging refit a reality”.

The devalued Pound coupled with exceptional British craftsmanship makes a strong case for perhaps the perfect refit solution. Other projects that Burgess Marine are currently working on include a 98m fast ferry refit project in Cherbourg, France, where the team are currently focusing on water jets. In Portsmouth, UK, the team are working on defence vessel maintenance including a number of welding tasks and pipework modifications.

With the launch of 57m Swiftship Tacanuya late July the Burgess Marine team at their Portchester site continued to make the transition from land to sea a smooth one throughout the early parts of August. Currently Tacanuya is based in the Solent, UK, preparing herself for upcoming sea trials. After completing the EDF Energy project, the Burgess Marine diving team are preparing to undertake hull inspections on a large commercial vessel and carry out waste water treatment works for a water company. The team at Devonport, UK, continue works on HMS Lancaster. Alternative packages continue to be applied and the team are also supporting the superstructure project team. As Burgess Marine roll into September the pipeline looks very positive as they continue to take on engineering works on numerous different projects.

With the launch of 50m Mangusta Force India last month the vessel is currently undergoing sea trials in Southampton, UK, before she sets off to enjoy the summer. The last week in July also saw the relaunch of a 57m Swiftship, after an extensive refit to include a new interior, exterior structural modifications and mechanical renewals. The team at Devonport, UK, are in the midst of a major refit of HMS Lancaster, a type T23 Frigate, which again includes major structural renewals and significant mechanical works. The projects team, supported by Burgess Marine’s own diving team have this month completed a job for EDF Energy, which included replacing two offshore grills for a nuclear power station. Burgess Marine are taking on an array of works spreading over various projects – showing the flexibility and scope of work Burgess Marine offer.

Pre-season works on yacht Force India have come to a close and the 50m Mangusta was launched from the Burgess Marine ship lift in Portchester, UK, during the middle week of June. A mini refit out of the water made sure the yacht is prepped for the remainder of the season. Burgess Marine have also recently completed a 10 month refit on a 55m, working on the upper deck and a comprehensive interior refit giving her a brand new look from the inside. Aside from this, Burgess Marine’s in house fabrication team are near completion of two new cooling water screens – which are due to be installed by Burgess Marine’s diving crew.

Burgess Marine have singed a partnership agreement with Exilator, one of the most innovative companies in the Exhaust Purification Industry. Exilator offer a product using latest exhaust filtration technology, ExiLencer. The system uses a patented NASA technology to ensure a low operating temperature passive filter (DPF) to reduce soot output, noise and NOx without using extra fuel to run exhaust gas heaters or burners to regenerate the filter.

Aside from this, Burgess Marine continue work on a number of projects. In Falmouth, a team of joiners undertook Sea Fastenings and applied external furniture installations to a 62m motor yacht. In Devonport, Plymouth, refit works recently began on a warship within the defence sector, where a team of 11 operatives on board are conducting a variety of fabrication welding packages. Work is also due to start on a 55m motor yacht, mock ups of Sponson Casings and testing new stern sponson boxes.

Burgess Marine are currently undergoing refit and maintenance works on a number of vessels throughout Europe. At the dry dock in Portchester UK, 50m Force India continues her mini pre-season refit works out of the water ensuring the entire yacht is prepped for the upcoming summer. Elsewhere, Burgess Marine are undergoing works across the board. On other projects including a 62m and a 55m, Burgess Marine are servicing Stabiliser systems, installing new fuel separators, repairing and upgrading alarm monitoring systems, modifying switchboards and installing new steering control systems. These are just a few of the works currently taking place and proves Burgess Marine are capable and effective in helping any yacht and any issue.

Great news for Burgess Marine this month as they win 'Force India' 50m Mangusta contract taking on refit and maintenance works. This is a huge step forward for the UK yachting industry perhaps caused by a major strength currently surrounding the UK market, the weakening of the £. The weakening of the £ against the € has a big effect in terms of price competition with other European countries, offering the service at a more affordable cost. Pre-season refit and maintenance works will start immediately on the 50m Mangusta enabling her to be ready for the busy summer season ahead.

Global Services are now part of Burgess Marine, working closely together in order to expand our services to the yachting community. Burgess Marine operate 10 facilities and specialize in marine engineering, docking and refits, ship repairs, outfitting and installations. With over 30 years’ experience at the forefront of ship repair Burgess Marine possess trained and dedicated teams including fully coded aluminium and steel welders/fabricators, and OEM trained mechanical engineers. Possessing these teams ensure Burgess can undertake both mechanical and structural repairs and refits to the superyacht industry in the UK and internationally.

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