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Clearvac Group

The Clearvac Group have over 30 years experience commissioning and servicing Waste Water, HVAC, Desalination and Water Production.


Black Water Services

What do we do?

Apply a unique non-hazardous, non-intrusive Eco product to effectively remove all hard scale deposits.

What do we achieve?

Clearvac guarantee pipework back to as new condition.

Why use Clearvac?

System remains in use, no disruption to guests & crew.


Air Quality Control & Certification

What do we do?

Clearvac provide air hygiene, duct work cleaning, galley extract, fire risk removal plus all associated HVAC services.

What do we achieve?

Certification, compliance & quality clean air supply

Why use Clearvac?

Clearvac provide the highest standards in the superyacht market.


Grey Water Services

What do we do?

Grey water services using 'Clearvac Eco Drainaway' providing a complete non-intrusive service.

What do we achieve?

Hygienic free flowing drainage

Why use Clearvac?

Guaranteeing quality non-intrusive waste water manaagement


We are currently working closely with a number of our clients and will be publishing a case study



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